A global effort led by the International Center for Community Land Trusts

World CLT Day 2021

The inaugural World Community Land Trust Day on October 29, 2021 marked a significant milestone in the CLT movement as community land trusts across the world came together in digital solidarity to recognize, honor, and celebrate the ways that CLTs have impacted and empowered so many.

Thank You!  People and organizations from around the world sent messages and posted photos and videos to share in the celebration.  We want to thank our partners from the SHICC Network and World Habitat, who helped make this possible.  And we’d love to get your feedback in the short survey below.  What did you like about World CLT Day — and how could we make it even better next year?  And for your trouble we’ll send you a free PDF of our latest publication, The Growth of Community Land Trusts in England and Europe

2021 World CLT Day Twitter Feed