A global effort led by the International Center for Community Land Trusts

About World CLT Day

World CLT Day is a global event dedicated to celebrating and raising awareness about community land trusts (CLTs). It’s a day to connect participants from across the world, showcase the contributions of CLTs towards affordable housing, community empowerment, and sustainable development, and emphasize the movement’s commitment to inclusive growth and social change. The occasion serves as an opportunity to highlight the diverse and global presence of CLTs, sharing success stories and the positive impact of their work on communities worldwide.

2024 World CLT Day Planning Committee

Every year, the World CLT Day Planning Committee is comprised of representatives from local, national, and regional CLT networks alike. Listed below are the planning committee members for 2024:

  1. Australian Community Land Trust Network (Australia), Louise Crabtree-Hayes — In November 2022, the Australian CLT Network was established to lead and support the establishment of CLTs across Australia.
  2. Canadian Network of Community Land Trusts (Canada), Nat Pace — Since 2017, CNCLT is a network of over 35 emerging and established community land trusts and allied organizations working together to ensure the success and growth of the CLT model throughout Canada. The goal of the CNCLT is to support the growth of CLTs with the primary purposes of providing permanently affordable housing and other community assets that serve low-to-moderate income people. CNCLT was officially incorporated in 2021.
  3. Catalytic Communities/Favela CLT Network (Brazil), Tarcyla Fidalgo — Since 2018, the Favela CLT Project, developed by Catalytic Communities, in Brazil has worked to adapt the global CLT framework to local needs through partnerships with public agencies, private institutions, and community leaders. Inaugurated by a series of workshops with representatives from Caño Martín Peña CLT, the project focuses on community mobilization and legislative efforts to integrate the CLT model into the Brazilian legal framework.
  4. Community Land Trust Brussels (Belgium), Alexane Gaspard, Geert de Pauw — Formally incorporated in 2012, Community Land Trust Brussels (CLTB) develops permanently affordable housing projects in Brussels for people with limited means on collectively-owned land.
  5. Community Land Trust Network for England and Wales (UK), Beth Boorman — In 2010, the Community Land Trust Network of England and Wales, then called the National CLT Network, was established to support the growing CLT movement and advocate on behalf of CLTs in the UK. The Community Land Trust Network launched as an independent charity in June 2014.
  6. European Community Land Trust Network (Europe) Keti Tskishvili, Laura Parker-Tong, Lucie Bergouhnioux, Rylan Shewmaker — The European Community Land Trust Network was founded in 2023. The network advocates for the CLT model at a European level, connects existing organizations and supports start-ups. The network is based in Brussels, where it is closely linked to the local Community Land Trust. The network is designed as an expandable membership organization and is currently supported by 15 founding organizations.
  7. Fideicomiso Caño Martín Peña (Puerto Rico), Mariolga Juliá Pacheco — Established by state legislation in 2004, Caño Martín Peña CLT manages approximately 78.6 hectares of land to protect around 14,016 residents from market forces and gentrification. CMP CLT regularizes land occupancy for families without formal titles and focuses on special projects, real estate, and housing development, including the granting of 153 surface rights and addressing multifamily housing needs.
  8. Grounded Solutions Network (USA), Jason Webb — Grounded Solutions Network was formed in 2016 through the merger of the National Community Land Trust Network and Cornerstone Partnership. GSN supports strong communities from the ground up, working nationally, connecting local experts with the networks, knowledge, and support they need by helping to promote housing solutions that will stay affordable for generations.
  9. Houston Community Land Trust (USA), Ashley Allen — Incorporated in 2018, Houston Community Land Trust is guided by the belief that secure, quality, affordable housing is a foundation on which families build a legacy and cultivate opportunity, both for themselves and for their community.
  10. International Center for Community Land Trusts (Global), Annabel Pidgeon, Benjamin Harris, Greg Rosenberg, John Davis, Richard Kruger Delgado — Founded in 2018 by leaders of the global CLT movement, the International Center for Community Land Trusts, formerly known as the Center for CLT Innovation, is dedicated to promoting and supporting community-led development on community-owned land globally.
  11. South of Scotland Community Housing (Scotland), Morgan Eller — Since 2006, SOSCH has provided long-term support to community organizations relative to the planning and delivery of community-led housing.
  12. Stadtbodenstiftung (Germany), Sabine Horlitz — The Stadtbodenstiftung is the first community land trust in German-speaking countries. It emerged from a city initiative and was founded by 150 people and organizations. Their goal is to take urban land off the market and secure it for civil society-led management, for affordable housing and for neighborhood, cultural and social uses.