A global effort led by the International Center for Community Land Trusts

Online Activities

We are inviting all CLTs around the world to come together on May 17th and 18th for World CLT Day to celebrate the global community land trust movement!

This event is a chance to spotlight our diverse CLT community and showcase your impactful projects to peers worldwide. We’re excited to see and hear—in your language—from you and your CLT communities.

Instructions for How to Participate

  1. Download the poster below.
  2. Post your text, photos, and/or video to Facebook, X (Twitter), or Instagram using the hashtag #WorldCLTDay2024.
  3. When snapping a photo or making a video, try to show the poster for World CLT Day 2024 somewhere in the background or foreground.
  4. And then please share widely on your social networks!

What if you don’t use Facebook, X (Twitter), or Instagram?  You can send your text, images and/or videos directly to us at info@communitylandtrust.net and we’ll post it for you!

Share photos/videos
(up to 2min 20sec, max 512MB)

Share photos/short videos
(ideally 2-3 minutes)

Share photos/videos
(up to 60sec feed, max 4GB)

After World CLT Day 2024 concludes, we’ll compile all your photos and videos into a highlight reel to share with everyone.

Here are more creative ways you can participate in World CLT Day 2024!

Video message from Carolina, Conjunto Esperança, in 2021. (Brazil)

Record a video message

Deputy Mayor of the City of Lille, Stanislas Dendievel sends his greetings in 2021. (France)
Head of Community and Stakeholder Engagement at Eastlight Community Homes, Dave Smith sends his greetings in 2021. (UK)
Stadtbodenstiftung CLT Berlin gathers everyone in celebration of their CLTs “birthday” in 2022. (Germany)
Video message on behalf of Houston CLT in 2021. (USA)

Showcase your community

Residents from Comunidade Trapicheiros gathered in 2021. (Brazil)
Residents gather for tea at the Palnackie Village Shop and Flounders Community Cafe in Dumfries and Galloway in 2021. (Scotland)
Resident photo from State College Community Land Trust in 2022. (USA)

Tour posted from Calder Valley CLT in 2022. (UK)

Show us around!

Tour posted from Calder Valley CLT in 2022. (UK)

Posted by the International Center for Community Land Trusts in 2021.

Celebrate CLT history