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Press Release

Join the Celebration: World CLT Day 2024 Marks a Global Movement

GLOBAL, May 2, 2024 — In global solidarity, the International Center for Community Land Trusts and a network of global partners announce the celebration of World Community Land Trust Day 2024 on May 17-18. Coinciding with key assemblies in Germany and Australia, this event marks a pivotal moment for the CLT movement worldwide.

World CLT Day, now in its third year, is set against the backdrop of the European CLT Network’s first General Assembly in Berlin, Germany, and the Australian CLT Network’s hybrid inaugural Annual General Meeting in Sydney, Australia. These gatherings demonstrate the growth and expansion of the CLT movement, establishing a diverse and global footprint that continues to shape community landscapes and housing solutions worldwide.

Another highlight of this year’s celebration is the Global South CLT Network Initiative’s virtual event on collective land tenure in Latin America and the Caribbean, alongside a variety of local and international activities that celebrate the diversity and adaptability of CLTs.

Reflecting on the significance of the day, John Davis, board member of the International Center for CLTs, remarked, “World CLT Day is not just a celebration; it’s a vibrant movement and expression of solidarity, diversity, and connection across borders. It is a day when we all walk through doors previously closed, embracing the global movement for sustainable community ownership.”

Additional voices from the global community and the Center’s board like Tarcyla Fidalgo from the Favela CLT Project in Brazil and Geert de Pauw from CLT Brussels highlight the day as a “crucial platform for elevating CLTs and fostering international cooperation.”

The International Center for Community Land Trusts serves as a global hub to educate about CLTs, connect the global community, and support innovative practices that enhance sustainable development and community ownership. With a network spanning continents and including diverse organizations from Belgium, Brazil, France, Puerto Rico, Spain, UK, US, and Scotland, the Center is dedicated to sharing practices and advancing CLTs globally.

Ben Harris, Communications Manager
International Center for Community Land Trusts
Email: ben@communitylandtrust.net

Join us in celebrating the power and diversity of CLTs worldwide. Visit worldcltday.org and participate by uploading your stories, photos, or videos to social media with #WorldCLTDay2024.

Useful Copy for Marketing Materials

About World CLT Day

World CLT Day is a global event dedicated to celebrating and raising awareness about community land trusts (CLTs). It’s a day to connect participants from across the world, showcase the contributions of CLTs towards affordable housing, community empowerment, and sustainable development, and emphasize the movement’s commitment to inclusive growth and social change. The occasion serves as an opportunity to highlight the diverse and global presence of CLTs, sharing success stories and the positive impact of their work on communities worldwide.

Celebrate #WorldCLTDay2024 with us on May 17-18! Hosted by the International Center for Community Land Trusts alongside local, national, and regional CLT networks, this event honors CLTs as key drivers of affordable housing, community empowerment, and sustainable, inclusive growth through community land stewardship. World CLT Day offers a platform to spotlight the achievements and stories of the global CLT movement, highlighting the diverse faces and voices of our communities. Learn more about World CLT Day, explore highlights from previous years, and how you can participate at worldcltday.org.

About CLTs

At the core of every community is the pursuit of well-being, stability, and a sense of belonging. Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are non-profit organizations that help cultivate environments where these values can flourish, holding land for the collective benefit of a place-based community. A CLT acts as a guardian of crucial assets—such as affordable housing, community gardens, civic buildings, and commercial spaces—ensuring these remain accessible and supportive of the community’s long-term needs.

The story of the modern CLT movement begins with the New Communities, Inc., a prototype pioneered by Black civil rights activists in the United States. The seeds that fertilized that pioneering experiment however were drawn from traditions of ethical land tenure from around the world, such as the Gramdan villages of India, the Moshav settlements of Israel, the Garden Cities of England, the ejidos of Mexico, and the Ujamaa Vijijini of Tanzania. The worldwide growth of the contemporary CLT reflects that global inheritance — and a future in which communities worldwide benefit from the security of tenure that community-owned housing on community-owned land can provide.